Brakel Airvent

AIRVENT - The UK’s leading provider of whole-life service to smoke safety systems

SAFETY - We provide complete peace of mind that your people and assets are protected.

COMPLIANCE - We focus on your compliance, so you can be sure you're covered.

SAVINGS - We regularly review your system to help you save money on running costs.

FUTURE - We provide peace of mind that your system meets both current and future legislation.

Maintaining safe environments

A Brakel Airvent maintained smoke control system could one day become the most important part of your building. We offer a complete service and refurbishment package, saving building running costs and providing routine preventative maintenance or remedial works to meet legislative requirements and guarantee the life of the system, as well as short-notice emergency response where required. We employ quality, energy-saving Brakel products in all refurbishments, effectively upgrading your building as we work.